• Supports HTTP Authentication.

  • Supports almost every TCP client application.

  • Multiple connections.

  • Address resolution (via external DNS server).

  • Dinamic asignation of connections (via SOCKS 4/5 Server).

  • Easy configuration (command line driven).

  • It's not based on a client-server aproach. Desproxy only needs access to the HTTP proxy, not an external server. If you can run such a server outside the proxy (in the Internet maybe), please use GNU httptunnel instead.

desproxy doesn't support (yet)

  • Multithreading.

  • GUI.

desproxy WILL NOT ever support

  • NTLM Authentication (for those behing a MS Proxy), but you can use a "parent proxy" like NTLM ASP to negotiate NTLM authentication with your MS proxy. Please visit www.geocities.com/rozmanov/ntlm if you are behind a MS Proxy.
  • Applications (like ftp) that need incoming connections from outside the proxy.